Red! One of the colours of autumn


Say What?! – two

It’s been a while since I have posted here, and I have a few more irreverent captions to beautiful artwork from around the Golden Age of illustration. These come from the latter years. All but for one are done by N.C. Wyeth from the book “Drums” by James Boyd, 1925 (apologies ot Boyd, Wyeth and Charles Scribner’s Sons. The other is Maxfield Parrish’s “Shuffle-Shoom and Amber Locks”, 1920. Apologies to Maxfield Parrish.

18, 19, and 20 are my favourites. The others can be found here: Sat What?!


I suppose I should call this ‘Ice and Frost’ as there is one image created by frost, and the frost helps the ice form some of its more intricate patterns.

The Great Brook Trail has shown me great change over the last few weeks. Snow, then ice, then heat so that a lot of the snow either melted away, evaporated or was packed into thick ice where folks walked.  One of the challenges when photographing Nature, is the temptation to ‘come back tomorrow’ to get the shot, but especially with ice and snow, the shot stands a high chance of being lost. Sadly, the ice might be perfect, but the lighting, not so much. The changes in weather and temperatures at this time of year creates some wonderful art in nature. So get out there and see for yourself!

The water levels have risen and fallen, and ice has formed many layers. Rising temperatures caused some layers to fall through, leaving what I call New Hampshire swimming holes! Sometimes the melt is slow, so ice bends instead of breaks. A few days ago the heat caused water to cascade both under and over the ice, making some pretty cool falls, although I failed to get a good photograph . The bulbs of ice have to be my favourites, although the long ‘teeth’ also rate highly.

Please don’t steal or use these photos without written consent from myself. Thanks.

Technical stuff. All of these photos were taken on a Sony A6000 and using their standard 16mm-50mm lens or their 55mm-210mm zoom. The photos were all hand-held which I think speaks highly of the Sony SteadyShot range, rather than my ability to hold still! Most of the images are as taken, but a small few were played around with in PaintShop Pro. (I used to use Photoshop exclusively, but when they turned into subscription based, I dropped Adobe.)

The earth was falling to sleep


The earth was falling asleep, not because it was fall
But because the rain had not come, wells were dry
Tree roots reached far beneath the earth, struggling
To find moisture and nourishment.

Yesterday it rained. Last night it rained. Leaves which floated
Unmoving on water, washed away. The earth
Woke again, became alive, laughed, danced, sang out
In joy to all who cared to hear.

Before autumn turns to winter and the earth falls asleep.


© Simon Brooks 29th October, 2016

The Rootweiler

The rootweiler ducked under the log of fallen green tree trunk. It bared it’s teeth, hissing and snarling. It’s root-like antlers waved as if they were supple and not the steel hardness they were. Although the thin arms seemed to be only used for eating and balance, it’s thick, strong legs could outpace many animals at full run.
“This is not the way.” The words came out slowly as the creature spoke as it stood stiff rising to its full height, just inches taller than the man. These words were it’s own, but this language, the language of the man it now spoke was foreign to it. “Head east. Whats you are searching is there.”
The Hunter stood his ground, turning slightly to one side, bending his knees and resting in a low stance. The creature grinned at the man and seemed to chuckle.
“But it’s trail leads this way. How do I know I can trust you?” The Hunter stared into the creatures eyes.
“You don’t. But I knows you are on the sides of the forest. It has leads you astray. It heads for the Stones.”
“There are terrible stories about what your kind have done to humans, and other creatures.”
“And you thinks the stories of your peoples are filled with loves and peace, and tells of care for others?”
“Fair point.”
“Come. I will escorts you to the Stones. I will earns your trust. I know of you, for your likeness is well knowns to us, so you have my trusts.” The creature stepped closer to the Hunter. “Let you not loses it.” The creature bowed before the Hunter. The root horns cracked and clicked. The Hunter couldn’t help noticing some spit falling from its jaws. “Follow mes.” The rootweiler stepped around the Hunter and walked off. The pace it took was not slow.