The Three Golden Hairs, Grimm tale 29!

I tell a variation of the “Three Golden Hairs”, an Austrian variant which I love. But there is something I really like about Grimm’s tale 29, too. As I say on this podcast, there is some debate about the devil in Grimm’s version. Some folks, myself included, tend to think the character portrayed as the devil is more ogre than devil. So in this retelling, he is, as is his wife, an ogre with golden hairs upon his chinny, chin, chin!

It’s not too scary, and a little bit of fun in places!

If you have not heard me tell the other story, it is called The Three Feathers and is on my first album, Second-hand Tales.

Copyright and performance rights apply to this retelling.

I hope you enjoy this 32 minute episode.


Say What?!

I started doing these a long time ago, but the last batch was done in 2015! I found a new old book. Apologies to Fredrick Richardson and the author (from East o’ the Sun, West o’ the Moon, with other Norwegian Folk Tales, retold by Gundrun Thorne-Thomsen). Warning: some are school boy humour!

Click on an image to make them larger and more legible!

The Visitors From Planet Cheese Five Squared – Parts 5 & 6

An original story written and told by Simon Brooks. A sci-fi adventure for kids in six chapters, these being chapters five and six! If you have not yet heard the previous chapters, please visit the two previous episodes before listening to these two final chapters!

In which farmer Caractacus and his cow Abby help the alien mice from their plight! Beware flashing lights and bad smells!

The Visitors From Planet Cheese Five Squared – Part 3 & 4

An original story written and told by Simon Brooks. A kid’s sci-fi adventure in six chapters, this being chapters three and four. If you have not yet heard chapters one and two, I suggest going back to the previous episode then come back here! Caractacus the farmer and his cow Abby are given a mission by alien mice!

The concluding episodes and chapters five and six will be out tomorrow!


The Shadowlands

This is a story about nightmares, and how a couple of kids helped their younger brother get over them with the help of a couple of creatures called Elf and Drew!

This is an original story, penned the first time prior to 2005 for a nephew who was having bad dream, nightmares, and doubts! It helped him. He is now 29 and thriving in Texas as an engineer!